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Testing a student who speaks English – as a dominant first language – while receiving schooling in French adds complexity to any assessment of learning, especially when a learning disability might be present.  Research suggests that the majority of the testing for French immersion students should be done in English (for example IQ, memory, and language tasks).  However, academic tasks that measure skills like reading, writing, and spelling should be completed in both English and French, with French academic testing administered by someone proficient in French.

Cochrane Consulting offers cognitive and attention testing in English, and academic testing in both French and English to determine – with the highest possibility of accuracy – if a Learning Disability is present in the context of French schooling.  Our French-speaking clinician works collaboratively with our English-Speaking clinician to ensure students receive assessments developed with the highest standards.   

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The recommended fee schedule for psychologists in Saskatchewan is approximately $200.00 per hour, as recommended by the Psychology Association of Saskatchewan (PAS).  Typically, 15-20 hours of work is involved in a french immersion psychoeducational assessment.  Based on this information, a flat fee of $2500.00 is charged for each French immersion psychoeducational evaluation.  Psychological assessments are exempt from PST and GST.     

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