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Assessment Fee

The hourly fee for psychologists in Saskatchewan is approximately $180, as recommended by the Psychologists Association of Saskatchewan.  Typically, 10-20 hours of work is involved in an educational assessment.  Based on this information, a flat fee of $1700.00 is charged for each assessment. 

Please check with your extended health insurance plans regarding the coverage of psychological services as fees may be fully or partially covered. When not reimbursed by insurance, the fees for psychological services might be considered for an allowable medical expense for the purpose of income tax deductions.  If you require a quote to submit to your insurance provider, please click HERE

For  post-secondary assessments the Canada Student Grants program may cover a significant portion of the cost of a psychoeducational assessment (up to $1700). 

Payment options include cash and e-transfer. Detailed receipts are provided.  

Psychoeducational Assessments are exempt from GST and PST.