Fees listed on this website are current as of January 1, 2022.

Fees & Payment

The hourly fee for psychologists in Saskatchewan is approximately $200.00, as recommended by the Psychology Association of Saskatchewan.  Typically, 10-20 hours of work is involved in an educational assessment.  Based on this information, a flat fee of $2000.00 is charged for each assessment. 

Clients are billed directly. Payment is required in full, prior to or during the feedback session. Payment options include etransfer, cheque, or cash.​Psychoeducational Assessments are exempt from GST and PST. 

Tax Deductions & Extended Health Plans

Fees paid for psychological services may qualify as a medical expense tax credit when completing your income taxes.  Many extended health plans and health spending accounts will cover a significant portion of the cost of an assessment. Since benefit plans vary, clients are advised to contact their benefits provider before booking an appointment to determine their coverage for psychological services. If you require an estimate for your insurance provider, please click HERE.

Questions To Ask Your Extended Health Benefits Provider

Does my plan cover psychological services provided by a Registered Psychologist?

What is my yearly amount of coverage for psychological services?

Is there a maximum hourly fee that my plan covers? (Note: fees not covered by your benefits plan may be eligible as a tax-deductible medical expense)

Does my plan have a daily limit on psychological services? (For example, if I meet with the psychologist for three hours one afternoon, will my plan cover the multiple hours or will my coverage pay for one hour per day maximum?)

Does my plan cover only one-on-one direct service, or are all psychological services such as report writing covered?

Do I need a referral from a physician to qualify for coverage?

Are there any other limits that I need to know about?

Considerations for Post-Secondary Students

If you are a college or university student, the Canada Student Grants program may cover a significant portion of the cost of your assessment.  For more information about the Canada Student Grant, please inquire with the Disability Services office at your college or university.

Cancellation Policy

Clients are not billed for missed appointments. If you must miss an appointment for any reason, please provide as much notice as possible so other clients can be served.