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Offering Diagnostic Learning Assessments for
Children and Youth 

Owned and Operated by
Krista Cochrane, M.Ed.
Registered Psychologist (APE) #773

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Psychologist Lead Literacy Tutoring 


For struggling readers and students with Dyslexia


Limited Spaces Available

Find out more by calling 306-960-2220

If you are concerned that your child, adolescent or young adult is not doing well at school, or want to know their true potential, then a psychoeducational assessment is designed to help.  This assessment pinpoints strengths and challenges within a student's learning profile and offers an in-depth look at their educational capabilities. It can reveal Specific Learning Disorders (e.g., Dyslexia), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Intellectual Disabilities, and other mental health conditions that may impact educational progress.

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At Cochrane Consulting, assessments are completed by a seasoned Registered Psychologist with teaching experience.   The evaluation is thorough, drawing on various sources including academic records, standardized tests, direct observations, and input from parents, teachers and other pertinent specialists. The end product is a detailed report that outlines a student's unique learning profile and provides recommendations to optimize their success in the classroom and daily life. 

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