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A smartpen is a high-tech writing tool that records spoken words and synchronizes them with notes written on special paper. The Livescribe is one of the most popular smartpens.

A student can record everything a teacher says and then replay any part of it later by tapping the pen's tip to the word on the paper.  You can buy pens, paper, apps, and accessories on the Livescribe website.


The C-Pen ReaderPen is a portable, pocket-sized device that reads text out aloud with an English, Spanish or French digital voice. You can buy C-Pens here.


Snap&Read is the Next-Generation reading tool that covers diverse reading needs. Users can listen to text as it’s read aloud across websites, PDFs, and even Amazon Cloud's Kindle e-reader.  If students come across a difficult work, they simply double click it to see the definition.  They also have the option of changing the reading level, without changing the overall meaning of the passage. Click here for more information.  



Speechify Text To Speech is a mobile and desktop app that can have any text read out loud using a computer-generated text-to-speech voice.  It produces near-human quality voices and performs optical character recognition that allows users to scan physical books and instantly listen to them spoken out loud like an audiobook.  Learn more here.  

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